Installing Visual Studio 2012 Step by Step

Installing Visual Studio 2012


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This book will quickly show you step by step how to install visual studio 2012 on Windows 8. It can be used as a quick reference or a standard how to document for your development team. Most developers are overloaded with many tasks and have limited time to search online and more advertisements are found in internet search results that will waste more of the little time that remains. How can one still be effective? Reduce the noise and obtain information free of it. That is our goal. These are the prerequisites for becoming a successful professional .NET developer

About the Author

Stephen P. Thomas is a successful author of Telerik Red Grid Control for ASP.NET AJAX by Example, a successful computer consultant of 20 years, a certified Microsoft Developer, and a software publisher of the Grytek Millionaire Order Processing software. He studied computer engineering at Carnegie-Mellon University and computer science at University of Maryland. His firm Grytek Consulting, Inc. has been successful at completing many projects for government agencies and private companies. URL is Send e-mail with praise, condemnation, and everything in between, to