To setup Verizon Fios with Windows Server


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A step by step guide to setting up your Windows Server 2008 with static IP(s) addresses from your Verizon FIOS service for low cost do it yourself hosting. Learn the tricks in configuring your FIOS router that Verizon won't tell and most of their support team don't know. Never need to call tech support again. Topics covered are the following: Configure Verizon FIOS router for 1 static IP address, configure for multiple static IP addresses, configure port forwarding, save configuration settings in case of a disaster, configuration disaster recovery, Windows server firewall settings, configure static NAT, add additional internal IP addresses to Windows Server.

About the Author

Stephen P. Thomas is a successful author of Telerik Red Grid Control for ASP.NET AJAX by Example, a successful computer consultant of 20 years, a certified Microsoft Developer, and a software publisher of the Grytek Millionaire Order Processing software. He studied computer engineering at Carnegie-Mellon University and computer science at University of Maryland. His firm Grytek Consulting, Inc. has been successful at completing many projects for government agencies and private companies. URL is Send e-mail with praise, condemnation, and everything in between, to